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Also if you are parent or teacher and you need to find the best tools for your teaching or your kids learning, This is the right place to be on this site.


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Math Games 4 Children, Free interactive Math games for kids

Free interactive math games for kids - Includes: Over 3000 math exercises in the form of fun games & interactive quizzes, free printable PDF board games & puzzles, math cartoon tutorials, math video lessons, math worksheets and more.

MBA - MBA is a much sought after study program for high-flying career in not only Trinidad but also other countries of the world. RDI will tell you why online MBA in Trinidad is a much anticipated course for executives seeking a lift in professional career.

Distance Learning - Distance learning has made education accessible for everyone, including the physically challenged, who could otherwise have not been able to complete their higher studies at a regular college. It has become an integral part of today's education.

TEACH KIDS MATH - Education website by a recently retired middle school math teacher. A portfolio and an archive of his teaching and leadership experience with ideas, opinions, anecdotes, reproducibles, resources and some very original classroom tools. Content emphasizes math but also discusses leadership, classroom management,  homework, parents and other contemporary issues.

Ho Math and Chess Learning Centre -Ho Math and Chess is the world only international franchiser dedicated to teaching children math using math, chess, and puzzles integrated methodology and workbooks.

Wondrous Worksheets - Educational Worksheets For Children

SAT Practice Tests - is a dedicated online portal, which offers  different SAT Practice tests, 
preparation materials and video tutorials. You can find test analytics, which shows you the topics to study.
Get comprehensive study lessons, which gives you an edge to get into the college you want.

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To cover all your SAT exam math program, we propose to the user to follow the planning below and get started. It's a 4 weeks planning, each week enough to cover one module.

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The Laws of Algebra FUNCTIONS
Algebra basics FUNCTIONS part2
Functions domain and Ranges FUNCTIONS part3
Functions Notiations FUNCTIONS part4
Systems of Linear Equations FUNCTIONS part5
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Math Video Solution
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SAT Math Session

Math Section Name Preparation Timing Day of the weeks
Numbers and Operations 16h (2h/days) days 1-7
Algebra and Functions 20h (2h/days) days 8-18
Geometry and Measurement 14h (2h/days) days 19-25
Data Analysis, statistics and Probability 10h (2h/days) days 26-30



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Math Quizzes

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The math quizzes will cover the following stopics: Numbers and Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Data analysis, Statistics and probability, Arithmetics,equations & inequations, Sets, functions plotting



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SAT is considered to be the most prestigious and path-breaking of all the exams that students take up every year. The reason for the hype behind this exam is totally understandable, after all the good scores in SAT helps one land in the most renowned colleges of US. SAT is an exam having a fixed pattern and certain sections having questions from various subjects such as English, Critical Reading and most importantly Math. As usual, the math portion of the exam is tricky and consists of number of twisted questions from various mathematical concepts related to the subject which often tends to confuse the students. However, the best way to avoid the usual confusion in mathematical questions is by devoting much time to practice of the subject and this task is easily accomplished by taking up SAT math practice worksheets available here... Read more...

SAT Exam Online Registration
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SAT exam math section special e-books and tutorial CDs for a 4 weeks full preparation program. These CDs covers all the SAT math exam: Algebra, Numbers and Operations, Geometric, Data analysis, Statistics and Probabilities. Email or Order now



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